1. thisisav:

    Not gonna re-blog the actual post but I’m almost surprised it took this long for an actual picture of literal Brimping to be posted

    i think this is about us

  3. going to be 100 of these bad band names up on our wall.

  4. clash + pax

  5. "Actually, that one could be kind of awesome." We told you we’d do it, zdarsky.

  6. We’re watching the STV independence vote coverage and ohenieledam overclocks her sad trombone app, creating dubby minimal techno.

  7. I dunno…maybe I should just go commando.

  8. ohenieledam and freddiebb

    if you look closely, you can see my thigh gap

  9. ohenieledam’s nail art

  11. inspired by synchronicity

  15. Holy shit dat ass.