1. this is where i’m finally going to reblog to. nsfw.

  2. must be spring we’re down at the beach again

  3. madeleine’s fantastic rack.

  4. pastel gradient nail art


  5. i was thinking about this song recently and had the nerve to email the reporter who inspired it the link. luckily the reporter liked it. so i’m a put it in your face again. this song is about journalists and aid workers and soldiers and their lives beyond the wire and back at home and on the road

    (Source: Bandcamp)

  6. recent nail art efforts by madeleine





    me too


  8. musicequalsmagic:

    If you read about techno, or raves, or acid house, or drum and bass, or disco, or the history of dj’s, you are going to at some point read or hear people testify to their ecstatic experience hearing Derrick May’s “Strings of Life”. Recorded under his pseudonym Rhythm Is Rhythm, it’s a great piece…

    i wrote this. you write something else and submit it to andrea’s tumblr

  9. manicure night.

  10. madeleine did alina’s nails

  11. skyline restaurant, parkdale

  12. this will be a storage room shortly.

  13. when we moved the desk we broke it a little.

  14. we know gambling and booze. one of our printers is named vodka. in the background is the quiet room we’re building.

  15. changed the furniture, painted the wall, gonna update the sign.